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The Secure and Fair Enforcement(SAFE) for Mortgage Licensing Act was passed in 2008 by
Congress and signed by President G.W. Bush.

The SAFE Act required all states to implement a Mortgage Loan Originator licensing and
registration system by August 1, 2009.

States may either operate their own systems or participate in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing
System and Registry.

The SAFE Act was intended to provide uniform licensing standards nationwide as they had not
been for the past 20+ yrs.

The SAFE Act was also designed to create a comprehensive licensing database so that all
relevant informationon MLOS will be centralized and publicly available allowing consumers to
research, obtainprofessional information, and help them decide on a professional to deal with.

Upon registration MLOs are given a Unique Identifier number and are required to provide the
number to anyone who requests it, and federally chartered mortgage institutions, require that it be
placed on all loan documents for loans that they purchase.

Using the Unique Identifier number, consumers can obtain basic information on any registered
MLO including; name and aliases, employment history, current employment and contact
information, negative civil judgements or settlements, and disciplinary and criminal history.

The SAFE Act is designed to enhance consumer protection and limit fraud by encouraging states
to establish minimum standards for the licensing and registration of state licensed MLOs to
establish and maintain a nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry for the residential
mortgage industry for the purpose of accomplishing:
1.Providing uniform license applications and reporting requirements for state licensed-loan
2.Providing a comprehensive licensing and supervisory database;
3.Aggregating and improving the flow of information to and between regulators;
4.Providing increased accountability and tracking of loan originators;
5.Streamlining the licensing process and reducing regulatory burden;
6.Enhancing consumer protections and supporting anti-fraud measures;
7.Providing consumers with easily accessible information, offered at no charge, utilizing
  electronic media, including the Internet, regarding the employment history of, and publicly
  adjudicated disciplinary and enforcement actions against, loan originators;
8.Establishing a means by which residential mortgage loan originators would, to the greatest
 extent possible, be required to act in the best interests of the consumer;
9.Facilitating responsible behavior in the subprime mortgage market place and providing
comprehensive training and examination requirements related to subprime mortgage lending;
10.Facilitating the collection and disbursement of consumer complaints on behalf of state
 mortgage regulators.

Not all persons who qualify as MLOs are required to become licensed or to register with the
newly renamed Nationwide Mortgage and Licensing System and Registry.

Licensed Realtors and MLOs who work for federally regulated financial institutions, for example,
are not required to be licensed as MLOs, although they are required to register.

Those who would otherwise be required to register are exempted if they have (1) never been
registered before and (2) perform five or fewer mortgage loan originations in any rolling twelve
month period. Registration must be renewed annually, and registrants must submit fingerprints for
a criminal background check along with their first registration application.

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